The following departments make up Syntheality, click on the buttons for more info:


  • IT Solutions
    • We do repairs of all PC, servers, networking equipment including the maintenance and support of any hardware and software.
  • SDM
    • Syntheality Digital Marketing consists of the marketing of business and services in the SEME district. Including internet adverts as well, giving your business an edge over the competition.
  •  Design
    • We design and create logos for your company as well as multimedia presentations or material for the promoting of your business. Webpages are ether remade or created from scratch to give your business that internet presence. If you need custom software to run your business you need not look any further, we make the software the way you want it.  The entertainment we create is for the fun side of life where we create interactive games and software for educational purposes or just for fun.


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  • Thanks for the advertising, my business picked up dramatically after add was placed