SLAN 03 feedback

SLAN03 Success

Our LAN day 27 June 2015 was a massive success, 14 gamers took part in making the day so amazingly fun. It does not sound like a lot of players but for Volksrust and considering the cold that is allot. As usual we played the old faithful games, those that will still work over a LAN. That does not mean the fun is not new and exciting, they still deliver the fun and excitement needed to make the day successful . The day was just for fun, no competition was held as we had at SLAN02, so there are no results that we can share this time.

All the people that was at the LAN was the winners for participating in SLAN03, a big THANK YOU from us.

Here are some pictures and a short video to showcase the event. (Video)

Check back regularly for SLAN04, the next LAN session planned for August 2015. This is going to be the biggest yet that will be an INTERNET LAN event, so practice your online games and join our LOL clan on Facebook.